In which areas Garnet Sand is used

Garnet sand is a versatile material used in a number of industrial applications and processes.
Here are some areas where garnet sand is commonly used

Yüzey Temizleme ve Kumlama

Surface Cleaning and Sandblasting

  • Cleaning and preparation of metal, concrete and other surfaces in construction industry.
  • Sandblasting of ship surfaces in shipyards.
Su Jeti Kesimi

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting of marble, granite, steel, glass, ceramics and other materials.
Su Arıtma

Water Treatment

Use as filter material in water treatment plants.
Demir Dışı Metal Yüzeylerin Kumlama

Shot Blasting of Non-Ferrous Metal Surfaces

Cleaning and preparation of non-ferrous metal surfaces
Petrokimya Endüstrisi

Petrochemical Industry

Cleaning of equipment in petrochemical plants.
Aero Uzay ve Otomotiv Endüstrisi

Aero Space and Automotive Industry

Shot blasting of precision parts in the aerospace and automotive industry.
Besides these, Garnet Sand usage areas:
Glass Sandblasting:
  • Glass sandblasting for cleaning and dulling glass surfaces.
As Abrasive in Water Jet Cutting:
  • Use as abrasive material in water jet cutting applications.
Metal Polishing and Polishing Processes:
  • Use in metal polishing and polishing processes.
Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance:
  • For cleaning and maintenance of industrial equipment.
Garnet sand is a preferred material for many industrial applications due to its hardness, low dust formation and environmentally friendly properties. These properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications and enable it to be used effectively in different sectors.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Property Value
Specific Gravity 4.0 g/cm³
Melting Point 1300 °C
Weight According to Grain Size 1 – n g/cm³

Chemical Analysis

Element Percentage
SiO2 (S102) % 96.35
Fe2O3 % 33.0
Al2O3 % 23.0
MgO % 7.0
MnO % 1.0


Unit Value
25 kg Bags
On Pallets 1 ton

garnet kum 1 palet 25 kg paketler. 1 ton
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Our Garnet Sand Product Varieties

Available Products Particle Size (mm)
Mesh 12/20 0.50 – 1.00
Mesh 20/40 0.50 – 1.00
Mesh 30/60 0.20 – 0.60
Mesh 80 0.35
Mesh 120 0.180 – 0.25
Mesh 180 0.090 – 0.15
Mesh 200 0.075 – 0.15
Mesh 240 0.045 – 0.10
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Wholesale Garnet Sand Sale

toptan garnet kumu


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Garnet Sand

Garnet is a natural abrasive mineral and occurs spontaneously. By highlighting the outstanding properties of this mineral:
  • Garnet has a structure with a very low percentage of free Silica, which minimises the formation of dust and silicosis in industrial use.
  • Garnet is a non-toxic and inert mineral, making it an environmentally friendly (eco) material.
  • Garnet is one of the most effective natural abrasives and is preferred over other natural abrasives such as Silica sand, mineral sands and flint.
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Garnet Sand
Garnet Sand


When selling garnet sand, we guarantee high efficiency in your blasting processes thanks to the unique grain hardness and toughness we offer. Approximately 65 per cent of Garnet can be recovered and recycled three or four times.
  • Garnet can be used effectively in shipyards, blasting in the petrochemical industry, blasting in the construction industry, blasting of non-ferrous surfaces, etc.
  • Thanks to its high mineral hardness, dust formation is kept to a minimum.
  • Garnet particles provide excellent adhesion of the coating by forming a smooth profile.
  • Non-toxic, inert and natural crystalline silica levels are less than 1%, which offers the user an easy cleaning option.
  • Its non-porous and non-moisture absorbing structure does not damage coatings and makes it safe to use.
  • Garnet can be easily used in injection and pressure blasting systems.
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The Garnet sand we sell is specially designed for water jet cutting and can be used effectively in various application areas. This special grit offers the following advantages:
  • Wide range of applications: It can be used in many areas such as marble cutting, granite cutting, high-strength steel cutting, aero-space and automotive glass cutting.
  • Accurate Hububic Size Distribution: Garnet sand helps you achieve stable and high quality results in cutting with the correct grain size distribution.
  • Dust Free Composition: Dust formation is kept to a minimum, ensuring smooth performance without spray choking and clogging.
  • Ideal Waterjet Cutting Abrasive: Garnet grit is an ideal abrasive for waterjet cutting, providing sharp and clean cuts.
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Garnet sand provides an ideal water filter medium. This mineral has a chemically inert and non-metallic structure that is widely found in nature. Garnet is known for its hardness and durability, it also has a high specific gravity and has chemical and corrosive resistance. With these properties, garnet sand becomes an ideal filter material.


  1. Garnet is available in sizes suitable for wide and cap beds, and its density allows for faster backwashing.
  2. The products meet or comply with standards such as NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components and AWWA Standard B100-01.
  3. Garnet sand can be used effectively in water treatment plants, improving water quality and providing clean drinking water.
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Garnet Sand
Garnet Sand


Garnet sand is included in the silicates group of minerals and is an abrasive mineral that occurs spontaneously in nature. It is obtained by grinding from 98 per cent purity garnet rocks. Its properties are as follows:
  1. Does not form dust and silicosis: Garnet does not form dust and silicosis due to its low free Silica content in industrial use, making operations safer.
  2. Environmentally Friendly: As a non-toxic and inert mineral, garnet is an environmentally friendly (eco) material.
  3. Superior Abrasive Properties: Garnet is one of the best natural abrasives and is preferred over other natural abrasives such as Silica sand, mineral sands and flint.
  4. Can be used on stainless surfaces: Thanks to its low corrosive properties, garnet can also be preferred on stainless surfaces.
  5. Glass Sandblasting Performance: This newly used material exhibits an effective performance in glass sandblasting processes.
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What is Garnet?

Garnet is a type of mineral known for its natural hardness, durability and abrasiveness and is commonly known as Australian garnet, which contains all-natural almandite garnet. Its properties include:
  1. Natural Almandite Garnet: Garnet contains natural almandite garnet, specifically known as Australian garnet. This characteristic represents a high quality and naturally occurring form of the mineral.
  2. Reusability: Garnet, due to its low brittleness and high hardness, can be reused 5-10 times depending on various applications. This makes the material an economical and environmentally friendly choice.
  3. Industrial Garnet Mine: Garnet is mined and processed at one of the world’s largest industrial garnet mines in Western Australia. This ensures the quality and reliability of the mineral.
  4. Various Application Areas: Although garnet sand is just beginning to spread, it has been used successfully in many areas. Its durability and abrasiveness make it especially preferred in industrial applications.

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Garnet sand, which we sell, guarantees high efficiency in your spraying processes with its unique grain hardness and toughness. The features of our product are as follows:
  1. True Recoverability: Approximately 65 per cent of Garnet can be recovered and recycled three or four times, making it an economical material utilisation.
  2. Wide Application Areas: Garnet is ideal for abrasive blasting and surface cleaning in many areas, from shipyards to the petrochemical industry, from construction to non-ferrous surfaces.
  3. Low Dust Formation: Thanks to its hard mineral structure, dust formation is lower, making operations clean and effective.
  4. Excellent Surface Profile: Garnet grains create a smooth profile with virtually no filler and ensure excellent adhesion of the coating.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Garnet is non-toxic, inert and natural crystalline silica levels are less than 1%. It offers the user an easy cleaning option.
  6. Can be used in various blasting systems: Garnet can be easily used in injection and pressure blasting systems, helping you to manage your processes efficiently.
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Garnet Sand Prices

Garnet sand prices may vary depending on various factors. Prices may generally include the following elements:
  • Sand Quality: The quality, degree of purity and particle characteristics of garnet sand can affect prices. Garnet sands of higher quality and with special characteristics can often be sold at higher prices.
  • Quantity: The quantity to be purchased often has a significant impact on the unit price. Bulk purchases can often reduce unit prices.
  • Place of Delivery: Garnet sand prices may vary depending on the location of delivery and the associated transport costs.
  • Seller Company: There may be price differences between different sellers. A seller offering reliable and quality service can be effective in pricing.
It is best to contact us, a direct garnet supplier, at or our website ( to get a quote and find out about current garnet sand prices. It is advisable to contact our customer representative to get an offer especially suited to your specific needs.


Garnet sand, which we sell, is used effectively in water jet cutting, especially in the following areas: marble cutting, granite cutting, high-strength steel cutting, aero-space and automotive glass cutting. Our product is an ideal water jet cutting abrasive that offers trouble-free performances without spray choking and clogging due to its accurate grain size distribution, no oversize material and dust-free structure. For detailed information, you can visit


Garnet media is the heaviest media material due to its specific density and can filter down to 10-20 micron range. This media, which performs ideally in water treatment plants, increases the solids retention capacity by retaining large particles in the top layer, medium particles in the middle section and the smallest particles in the bottom layer. For more information, please visit


Garnet is ideal as a water filter medium. A naturally inert and non-metallic mineral, garnet is known for its high hardness and durability. It occurs in large sizes conducive to supporting beds and smaller sizes for cover beds, which allows for rapid backwashing. For more information, please visit


Garnet, thanks to its high hardness, exhibits an excellent performance in water jet cutting. Its angular grains and dust-free structure ensure trouble-free work without spray choking and clogging. The water jet cutting method allows you to achieve clean and precise cuts without disturbing the internal structure of the materials and without creating a heat effect. For more information, you can visit


Garnet, as a universal abrasive, is a material that provides outstanding performance in dry and wet blasting applications with compressed air. It is a unique solution that can be used without damaging metal surfaces, without sparking and without generating a static electric charge. Garnet grains have much sharper edges than other abrasives, which means high cutting efficiency.
Garnet sand is a mineral and iron-free product with universal use. It is an ideal abrasive for high-pressure water jet cutting and filtration materials. The sharp and self-regenerating edges of garnet make it possible to use materials such as brown fused alumina over and over again.
This product has a wide range of uses. It is successfully used in a variety of sectors, from the cleaning of zinc-plated parts to the cleaning of building exteriors, from textile denim and jeans sandblasting processes to various industrial cutting applications. Garnet does not contain respirable free silica (SiO2) and complies with occupational health and safety standards.
Our company manufactures and sells world-renowned Indian Garnet and Australian Garnets, providing our customers with a high quality and reliable abrasive solution. Our expert technical team is ready and willing to provide customised solutions to your needs.


  • Dry and wet blasting
  • Surface cleaning
  • Smooth and fine sandblasting
  • High pressure water jet cutting of metal, marble, granite, glass and plastic
  • Metal, wood, plastic sensitive surface cleaner
  • Other water jet cutting technology
  • Wet blasting
  • Filtration material
  • Textile jean sandblasting
  • Glass and mirror sandblasting
  • Refinery blasting
  • Silo and storage tank cleaning
  • Historical artefact sandblasting
  • Oil and gas pipeline sandblasting
  • Wood sandblasting
  • Plastic sandblasting
  • Car sandblasting
  • Kitchen utensils sandblasting
  • Medical, dental, denture sandblasting
  • Defence industry
  • Ship, yacht sandblasting and marine
  • And many similar sectors

Garnet Sand Manufacturer: Powerful Solutions to Your Industrial Needs

Garnet sand is a durable and versatile material with a wide range of uses in industrial applications. Garnet sand is a particularly strong abrasive used in many industries, from water jet cutting to water treatment systems. The quality and correct production of this sand plays a critical role in the successful completion of industrial processes. At this point, as Vista Industrial, we stand out with our strong expertise in garnet sand production.

Strong Production Process

Vista Industrial has a strong production process in garnet sand production. Using state-of-the-art equipment and processes in our modern facilities, we ensure the production of high quality garnet sand. A strong production process enables us to consistently provide quality products to our customers, as well as minimising environmental impacts.

Strong Advantages of Garnet Sand

Garnet sand offers a number of advantages in industrial applications. These advantages include high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and flexibility of use with various granule sizes. As Vista Industrial, we continuously focus on product development efforts to offer our customers these powerful advantages at the highest level.

Reliable Supply

Since garnet sand is an indispensable material in industrial processes, finding a reliable supplier is critical. Vista Industrial is known for its strong commitment to providing its customers with a continuous and reliable supply of garnet sand. Our strong supply chain secures our customers’ business continuity and efficiency.

Customer Oriented Service Approach

As Vista Industrial, we have a strong service understanding that keeps customer satisfaction in front of everything. By focusing on the specific needs of our customers, we strive to provide them with the most suitable garnet sand solutions. Our strong customer support team guides our customers and answers their questions at every stage.

The result: The Name of Power in Garnet Sand

As Vista Industrial, we offer reliable solutions to your industrial needs with our strong know-how in garnet sand production, our strong production process in our modern facilities and our strong customer-oriented service understanding. Vista Industrial, the name of power in garnet sand, is here for a strong and successful co-operation with you.